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What is Redline Blockchain?

    Redline Blockchain is a blockchain development company. Our technology foundation comes from enhancement and collaborative knowledge from all Redline team members. 

    Who are Redliners? 

    Me, my coworkers, Redline Blockchain followers, our families, our friends, neighbors, and you, just as soon as you download the RedWallet and complete the e-KYC process in the wallet app. The entire process is quick and seamless. The best part is -it’s all free! 

    Why do you need to get the RedWallet to become a Redliner? 

    RedWallet is your key to our ecosystem. As we’re building and releasing new products and services, you’ll be able to access our ecosystem products using your RedWallet account.

    Watch this video to learn how to download the RedWallet and complete the eKYC, so you’ll be ready for our ecosystem.

    Redline Blockchain is not just about the ecosystem! Redline Blockchain is building a community!

    We are actively building our community on our social media pages. If you have any questions or concerns, please join our Telegram channel and connect with our team members! @RedlineBlockchain

    Why choose Redline Blokchain’s ecosystem? 

    We are building our ecosystem with you in mind! Every single solution that we developed is created to make Redliner’s life a little easier, profitable, empowered, and fueled for the future of the World Wide Web! The world is changing, and we want to do our part to change it for the better! 

    That’s why Redline Blockchain offers multiple solutions such as our RedNFT Marketplace to help creators, artists, and everyone else with a talent to profit from their creations. We are building a global marketplace powered by blockchain technology and our RLC tokens where every Redliner can easily convert their talent into an income stream. 

    The best way to learn more about our products and features is to join our Telegram channel and subscribe to receive newsletters. We are posing weekly and are eager to chat with you on our Telegram channel. 

    So what else is Redline Blockchain doing? 

    To help get things started, we are giving away RLC tokens for participating in various activities and raffles. You can learn more about scoring RLC tokens on our Telegram channel

    We are also working to develop our ecosystem one solution at a time. We’ve started our journey from the RedWallet, and now we are working on our NFT Marketplace. Soon we’ll move on to our next product and continue working to improve every aspect of our ecosystem. We care about our community of Redliners and want to do our best to provide the best experience possible!

    We are working with our partners to make our ecosystem extremely affordable both for our company and Redliners, secure in every aspect, environmentally friendly, and intuitive to use. Most of our ecosystem products and solutions are cost-free or affordable to utilize and transact. For example, our RedWallet is entirely free to download and sign up for (complete the eKYC). You will be prompted directly on the RedWallet app if there are any fees before transacting; this is part of our effort to be transparent and an affordable solution for our Redliners. 

    Let’s dig a little deeper!

    Redline Blockchain was founded in 2021, and it’s based in Panama City, Panama, with IP holding in the United States, Los Angeles, California. We are here to provide financial infrastructure on blockchain technology for Latin America. 

    Redline Blockchain’s ecosystem consists of: 

    • RedFi
    • RedWallet
    • RedNFT Marketplace
    • Redline Coin

    Keep in mind that this is just a quick overview of Redline Blockchain! We are adding new product and services to help empower our Reldliner community. Subscribe to our blog, social media, and Telegram to stay in the loop!

    Here are our social media channels if you would like to follow us! 

    We encourage you to follow us and share with your family and friends because we’re always giving away RLC tokens. If you want to score some RLC tokens, this is a great way to do it!

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