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Think differently about NFTs

    The business world of the future, let’s say 5 to 10 years from now, it’s going to run on smart contracts and strong encryption, and on a peer-to-peer base consents mechanism. So, the core technology of underlying blockchain is going to provide everything just like internet has, and just like the object-oriented software has right now. Instead of thinking about NFTs as images and digital art, we should start thinking about programable media, in any shapes and forms, from images and arts to videos to music, membership accesses all wrapped on smart contracts which the utilities are specified and ownerships are claimed on a public blockchain, no bad actors, no hidden agenda with a transparent fee instructor built into it and executed automatically. A world which building community and adding value will be the only way moving forward and future entrepreneurship will be built on community capitalism which companies are built on interest of the community and not only the ones who are buying the shares of the company.