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The Role of Blockchain Technology by Soren Azorian

    As of Today, no matter what industry or department you work in, technology has a central role, and this also means that who wins and doesn’t is increasingly measured by the speed at which the company understands and adapts to the new technology. In short, the pressure is on. And now there’s a new wave coming and just like the internet, blockchains are going to change the balance of power as they will be more broadly adopted and integrated. Over time, it is going to reshape how business is done and going to change what’s possible. But right now, there’s a lot of hype and confusion and insider talks about blockchains, and it’s hard to know what it means and it’s hard to know what’s real or not. At Redline Blockchain We’re aiming to clear that up. We are going to educate you through the new tools that redline blockchain offers and explain what you’ll be able to do with them, and help you understand how they’re going to impact our economy over time. Let us demystify blockchains for you.

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