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How to download the RedWallet

    The RedWallet is your key to our ecosystem.

    What does that mean?
    It means that you will connect and transact on our platforms using the RedWallet.

    What platforms?
    Well, we are about to release our RedNFT Marketplace. We are also working tirelessly to develop all the other platforms and projects listed on our Roadmap on

    Please take a look at what we are working on so you’ll have a better understanding of the power behind the RedWallet. The world is changing for the better, particularly the World Wide Web! Web 3.0 has been here for a while now, and it is only gaining popularity in every sector. The RedWallet and Redline Blockchain’s solutions will enable you to be an early adopter and a part of this new change.

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    Get the RedWallet

    You can get the RedWallet on Android, iOS, and Google Chrome! Download yours and share it with your friends!

    Our Roadmap

    Take a look at our roadmap so you’ll know what we are up to next! We are constantly growing our ecosystem and products.