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Know Your Customer. Everything you need to know about eKYC!

What is Redline Blockchain?

    Redline Blockchain is a blockchain development company. Our technology foundation comes from enhancement and collaborative knowledge from all Redline team members.  Who are Redliners?  Me, my coworkers, Redline Blockchain followers, our families, our friends, neighbors, and you, just as soon as you download the RedWallet and complete the e-KYC process in the wallet app. The… Read More »What is Redline Blockchain?

    Digital Transformation vs Digitization

      (Translated from Spanish -see original post) Digital Transformation and Digitization are terms that are commonly confused or used in the wrong context. It can have many meanings; it all depends on who is asking because the answer is based on the experience that a person or individual has experienced with technology or digital transformation. Among… Read More »Digital Transformation vs Digitization

      How to download the RedWallet

        The RedWallet is your key to our ecosystem. What does that mean?It means that you will connect and transact on our platforms using the RedWallet. What platforms?Well, we are about to release our RedNFT Marketplace. We are also working tirelessly to develop all the other platforms and projects listed on our Roadmap on Please… Read More »How to download the RedWallet

        Are you a Redliner yet?

          Are you a Redliner yet? We’re excited to announce our RedWallet and eKYC. Join our growing Redliner family! If you haven’t done so, please go to to download your wallet today! Complete the eKYC, and your in! It’s free and Secure! Our wallet is 100% free and secure. Once you’ve downloaded the wallet, you’ll… Read More »Are you a Redliner yet?