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Hamlik Abrahimian CMO

Using Blockchain in Your Business

    Running a business is a delicate and complex task that requires constant upkeep with innovations and technologies. It’s crucial to keep up with the new technologies so you’ll be able to compete in an ever-evolving world. One of the most cutting-edge technologies that businesses are using today is Blockchain. Blockchain is a distributed database system… Read More »Using Blockchain in Your Business

    USDT is now available on the RedWallet!

      #RedlineBlockchain has completed #USDT integration. It’s now available on the #RedWallet . A Polygon-based Red-Wallet now can hold and transact peer-to-peer alongside with other 3 pairs #RLC, #USDC and #Polygon#Matic . Download the RedWallet and become a #Redliner today! USDT is now available on the RedWallet, a Polygon-based wallet that can hold and transact USDT… Read More »USDT is now available on the RedWallet!

      What is Redline Blockchain?

        Redline Blockchain is a blockchain development company. Our technology foundation comes from enhancement and collaborative knowledge from all Redline team members.  Who are Redliners?  Me, my coworkers, Redline Blockchain followers, our families, our friends, neighbors, and you, just as soon as you download the RedWallet and complete the e-KYC process in the wallet app. The… Read More »What is Redline Blockchain?

        Why don’t we have as many female artists in Generative Art as male artists?

          Generative art is algorithmically generating new ideas, shapes, colors, forms, sophisticated patterns, and other visuals based on a set of guidelines. The process start with a set of rules, guidelines for something that could easily be chaotic! But yet, these simple rules guide the art process and produce astonishing results! Astounding artists such as Itzel… Read More »Why don’t we have as many female artists in Generative Art as male artists?

          How to download the RedWallet

            The RedWallet is your key to our ecosystem. What does that mean?It means that you will connect and transact on our platforms using the RedWallet. What platforms?Well, we are about to release our RedNFT Marketplace. We are also working tirelessly to develop all the other platforms and projects listed on our Roadmap on Please… Read More »How to download the RedWallet

            Don’t Get Left Behind!

              #web3 is here! The world is changing. Don’t get left behind! Join our growing family by downloading the RedWallet! Why? With Redline Blockchain, you’ll experience true creative freedom, freedom to express, to connect without boundaries, to transact, to be, well, you! The RedWallet is your key to our ecosystem. Our RedNFT Marketplace is on its way!… Read More »Don’t Get Left Behind!