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Are you a Redliner yet?

    Are you a Redliner yet?

    We’re excited to announce our RedWallet and eKYC. Join our growing Redliner family! If you haven’t done so, please go to to download your wallet today! Complete the eKYC, and your in!

    It’s free and Secure!

    Our wallet is 100% free and secure. Once you’ve downloaded the wallet, you’ll be asked to set up your secret key phrase and password. Make sure to write down your Secret Recovery Phrase and keep it secure. The secret recovery phrase is the key to accessing and recovering your RedWallet. Remember that our team can’t help you recover your Secret Recovery Phrase once lost. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it safe and secure at all times. We have designed the RedWallet so that you are in charge of your security and data.

    “The RedWallet is your key to our ecosystem! We’re releasing our NFT Marketplace soon and you’ll need your RedWallet to access it…”

    Hamlik Abrahimian CMO

    Get your RLC token!

    As a bonus, you’ll get 1 RLC token for downloading the RedWallet and passing the eKYC (limited to Panama only). Don’t forget to share the download page with your friends and family! Contact them now and walk them through the process. Help them secure their 1 RLC token (limited to Panama only -might change without notice, please follow our social media channels to stay up to date).

    Stay in the loop

    Grab your wallet today and go to our social media channels listed below to get notified of RLC drops, new product announcements, events, and much more! Our ecosystem is growing, and the RedWallet is your key to accessing all that we have to offer!

    Join our Telegram channel

    We are building our community on Telegram and Discord! Join us in discussions and other community activities. We’re going to have special giveaways for our Telegram and Discord users.

    As always, we are here for our Redliners! If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us at

    Our team is working hard to create educational content on our social media channels. Please let us know in the comments or messages, preferably on Telegram or Discord, what you would like us to teach you about Redline Blockchain and our ecosystem.

    Download the RedWallet today to get started!